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My request is a little more specific this time. I don't want a completely new layout, but I do want some things changed. To start I want the poka dots to be white and the background to be black (the opposite of what it is now) I would also like the dots made a little smaller. Then with the entry boxes, I want them to be thinner and more rectangular with a solid white line as a border, and lastly I want the ext on the inside to be comic sans font size 8. Okay maybe that was a little more than a few changes but thats what I want. I would ask James to fix it but I feel bad that I keep asking him for favors. I would be very grateful if someone would do this for me, I'm willing to credit and everything.

If there are any questions my aim sn is xperfctdisaster and my email is Kylee252@yahoo.com

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